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Repair / Upgrade*

$150.00 1st hr

$75 / add hr


This covers most of our work. i.e. your computer will not boot into windows, you can't receive email, you want to upgrade your current system, you need us to set up a home network etc. We also help with other electronics call us and tell us what you need!

Consultation / Tutoring*

$100.00 1st hr.

$50.00 / add hr.


Want to learn more about your computer? Do you fear even opening that user manual or help book? We're here for you and we understand it can all be pretty overwhelming. Or maybe you need help buying that new PC and want someone to help you get it up and running. Get a Geek today and see all that you've been missing!
Trip Fee (anywhere outside the greater Lansing area) $25.00

Remote Support / Lessons

15 Minutes FREE

$50.00 1st hr.

$25 / add hr.


You can get a geek without leaving your home, or even opening your front door. You could fix your computer sitting at your desk in a bathrobe! Trideon uses secure encrypted remote access software to take remote control of your computer and guide you through a lesson or repair the latest problem with your machine. (Requires functional internet connection, FREE chat or diagnosis up to 15 minutes)

Custom Design

Web Design and Implementation* $100.00 / hr
Graphic Design* $200.00 / hr
Custom Photography* $100.00 / hr

And so much more...

Do you need help with something that doesn't quite fit anywhere above?

Give us a call today and if we can't help you we'll find someone that can!

*All rates are subject to change, minimum labor rates will be due before work can begin. Discounts only available if mentioned before scheduling an appointment.


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